As a UX /Senior UI Designer my role is very diverse. I can be solving a challenging UX problem one day, create Interactive Prototypes and going to user testing the next, designing the latest way to transfer money from your bank accounts whilst creating the visual designs for mobile/tablet and providing assets and art directing the dev teams.

Quick Transfers

Moving money reinvented. A global first customer experience design which allows users to drag and drop money between their accounts. Five seconds later, you’re done. Simple.

We identified several out and about use cases to support customers in the moment when they’re out and about such as checking their balance at the checkout or prior to withdrawing money from an ATM.

We needed to make this more meaningful to customers by allowing them to quickly act in the moment – transferring funds in under 5 seconds was the challenge to solve for customers. (image above)

Mobile banking targeted On-boarding

Introducing St.George’s most popular mobile banking features through an intuitive and interactive experience. Using micro-interactions and animations, we helped both new and existing customers in getting started. This quick and straightforward setup wizard is based on a modularised approach, so we could add valuable features in the future without cluttering and complicating the process.

Push notifications and actionable alerts

Delighting customers with relevant and contextual alerts that they control.

Research revealed that customers would gladly authorise their bank to send them push notifications about things like, low balances, withdrawals above a specific amount, the opportunity to earn more interest by moving funds into the account, etc.

• To increase the engagement between St George and it’s customers we aimed to provide more context to the users before asking them device permissions.
• Simplified the setup process and made the feature more discoverable.
• Created notification centre – a home for all these important alerts

Android Fingerprint Login

Access to your money has become even faster and more secure.

1. Learnt from iOS fingerprint implementation and improved the experience. Moved towards a more Android specific interaction and followed the Material design guidelines.

2. Explored all of the potential scenarios and user paths associated to determine the best experience for customers and align with business requirements for discoverability and growth.

3. Provided an indicator to customers who do not have fingerprint enabled on their device but have the technology available to them so that they do not miss out.