I have a great understanding of UX but I still find my passion and talents lean more towards UI and interaction design. Defining interactions and focusing on how the user interacts with an interface to carry out particular tasks is very rewarding. This involves IA, user flows, wire-frames, storyboards, interactive prototypes, user testing, visual design, animation and the creation of design systems, pattern libraries and visual style guides.

Six years ago I completed the UXD course at General Assembly and have been an active member of the GA Alumni for my top marked project Fit Fish.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Depending on client I generally like to start wire-frames on paper but generally I jump right into Sketch as i find it extremely quick .

Although I can use Axure I have found I can create high fidelity interactive prototypes much faster with a program called Proto.io.

Taking these high end prototypes to user testing guarantees a much more realistic result where the users feel like they are interacting with the real thing instead of just a plain page based prototype like what you’d get from Invision, Flinto or Marvel.

…and no I don’t work or promote Proto.io Ive just had some great results working with their tools.

86 400 Smart bank

86 400 was my very start up. As the Principle UI/UX designer I loved having the flexibility to spread my experience over so many mediums. From creating design systems and visual guidelines to user testing to marketing videos and designing merchandise. I really got to do everything here.

I was also able to skill up my animation skills for mobile and HTML5

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As the UX /Senior UI Designer at Westpac concentrating mostly on St George my role was very diverse. I was solving challenging UX problems one day, creating interactive prototypes and going to user testing the next, designing the latest way to transfer money from your bank accounts whilst creating the visual designs for mobile/tablet and providing assets and art directing the development teams here and overseas.

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Fit Fish

With my very first full mobile project Fit Fish I went through the whole UX process myself. From creating the problem statement I conducted interviews and developed real research answers and insights. This research allowed me to create Personas so i could know who to focus my development for.

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