Designing the McDonald’s website was a huge task in itself but creating a CMS for each country in Latin America to use and maintain was even larger. The site included each country’s menu, games, toy promotions and even a full history of coffee for McCafe (image above).

McDonald's Brasil

The home content was a simple carousel design containing promotional content. Each month there was a new Happymeal toy promotion for both boys and girls each with a different Flash game.

Happy Meal

Working on Happy Meal was pure enjoyment. It really ended up as more of a portal for kids to play with as we added more and more fun features and content each month. Built entirely in Flash it included games, video clips and educational activities based around that months promotion.


This month visitors were from the movie ‘Megamind” They presented a Flash game called Favorite Flavors, an educational game where kids could choose between healthy and unhealthy food for points.

Mc Kiosk

Designed and built in Flash these kiosks were placed in McDonald’s restaurants all around America. These Kiosks gave kids an interactive way of viewing the McHappy Meal, viewing that months promotional toys and watching video content.

Stage M

Stage M was a revised version we used for the US. The same content with a different shell but just as much fun.