Games have been a huge part of my life and Ive been fortunate enough to make a few too. Most games Ive designed and developed have been using Flash but I have now started to design for mobile games like this one named ‘Goo Fish’.

Goo Fish

Goo Fish is a take of the simple card game Go Fish. Created initially for the web in Flash I’ve ported this to mobile. It is still a project in the making and I hope to get it up on the app store very soon.

Shawn the sheep

Whist working in London I was fortunate enough to work on the Aardman Animation account. Along with helping design the Aardman website for the BBC I also helped design the web games that were made using Flash. Although the mechanics of the game ‘Woolly Jumper’ was simple it was a big hit with the young viewers.


Having to maintain the McDonald’s Happy Meal website meant creating a new Flash games every week. Here are just a few examples.