Fit Fish

Lack of motivation at the gym or exercise in general is a crippling problem when maintaining your desired fitness level. A large part of this problem is not having someone to push or motivate you. This is the problem statement for my very own app Fit Fish. It will find you a fitness friend to exercise with by allowing you to search via activity, sex, age and location. Once you find someone you think you can exercise with simply send them an activity request and make plans to meet up and motivate each other.


The logo for Fit Fish was created using the ‘location pin’ as the main symbol. Adding the elements for a fun fit fish complete with sweat bands gave it a softer, fun feel that I hoped would give it some individuality. I chose this colour way with the bright orange as the primary button source.

Wire-frames & Prototype

I created the wire-frames and working prototype in Axure. This allowed me to come back and forth to the project and make real time edits as the project progressed.

Visual Design

Once I was satisfied with my prototype the next step was to make some hi fi visuals. Usually I would use Photoshop for this but for Fit Fish I used Sketch. The speed and ease of Sketch for mobile design was amazing and far out weighed Photoshop in my opinion. I’m definitely converted.

From here I made a Hi Fi prototype in InVision but then switched to Marvel as I found Marvel links up faster using Sketch’s art boards.