Hi there, my name is Darren Kirk and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’m a hands on digital creative, UI designer & animator with a strong UX background.

I like to be involved in all parts of digital design starting with the entire UX process.

I have a great understanding of UX but I still find my passion and talents lean more towards UI and interaction design. Defining interactions and focusing on how the user interacts with an interface to carry out particular tasks is very rewarding. This involves IA, user flows, wire-frames, storyboards, interactive prototypes, user testing, visual design and the creation of design systems, pattern libraries and visual style guides.

I also love to animate and have animated for almost every medium including broadcast, games, web and apps using After Effects, a host of plugins, Lottie and HTML5.


As a child I was very musical. I completed my teachers in piano and jazz sax whilst I was still in school but once I finished my studies I left music for my love of graphic art. It was many years later when I started creating animations for projects that I began dabbling in sound design. I completed an audio engineering course on Ableton Live and quickly set up my home studio.

Since then I have created a number of tracks for animations,videos and games and am an active member of the Envato Market site ‘Audio Jungle’

Nerd Alert

So yes, I’m a nerd. But really, show me a digital designer who isn’t! Ive always had a huge love for action hero’s and comic books but more recently of comic sculptors and designer toys. Ive collected pieces from all around the globe.


I believe most designers have a love for good photography and I’m really no exception. As an artist we use photography in so much of our work. I regularly contribute my photos to Getty’s iStock. Here are just a few examples.