86 400 Smart Bank

86 400. A smarter alternative to how Australians bank today. Helping you feel in control every second of every day. All eighty-six four hundred of them.

Whether you love or hate the name taking on the big four banks within an app was a huge and laborious task. As the principal and first designer to begin with 86 400 I set up the design tools and structure for the way the company operates today.

86400 was the first start-up I had joined and loved every minute of it. As having UI, UX, animation and design as my primary talents I was able to jump around from app to web to marketing constantly learning new skills.

We recently just received the Best in Class award for ‘Digital Design App and Software’ from the Good Design Awards 2020.

Simple design

Simple design isnt something that comes easy. Its a blend of research, good UX and great UI.

When creating the design of the app we aimed to make the complexities of banking simple. We also wanted to invoke a layer of trust for our users as we knew first time digital bankers would be hesitate.

After a lot of concepts, many man hours and loads of user testing we stripped back our designs to what it is today. Simple, transparent and delightful.

The design system & visual brand

Building a design system for a start up is important as it eliminates existing design inconsistencies and improves future workflows for both designers and developers as the company scales up. It is not an easy job and takes a lot of patience.

So what is a design system?
A design system is a repository of reusable components with clear usage guidelines, shared among designers and developers. It should showcase all existing components with guidelines as to when and how to use each component including ready-to-use code.

We created our design pattern library within Sketch and then uploaded our files to Zeplin where our developers could grab all the necessary code for the components.

Our visual brand was created using Frontify. As with any language, the rules around using our logos, colours, typefaces and graphics — and how they are to be used together — should be codified. Sharing, maintaining and enforcing our brand guidelines ensured consistency of usage across all areas of the organisation and with other stakeholders.

Animation and user interactions

Personally this is the part I enjoy the most. Creating the areas of delight for a user with small micro animations that uplift an app or website into that next level.

I am proud to say I created most of the animations with this app myself using After Effects and a host of plug ins. For our website I created the animations in HTML5 and Lottie.

Unlock card
Card design

After over a hundred card designs we chose to stick to our design principles of simplicity and keep our card clean with a burst of flat colour.

86400 card design sm